Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are all about convenience. You and your family are outside, enjoying music and catching up about life. Don’t stop the conversation just to grab some meat from the fridge or grab a beer– leave the inside for the winter. Empire City Products & Outdoor Living is capable of fully customizing your outdoor kitchen solution, and here are some outdoor kitchen ideas for you to consider as you plan your luxurious summer.

While these pictures are great for anyone who needs outdoor kitchen ideas, the possibilities are endless. As a Long Island outdoor kitchen design and installation company, we are fully prepared to help you through all phases of this process. Not interested in designing your own outdoor kitchens? We also have pre-constructed units for sale.


Simple and Practical Outdoor Kitchen

Simplicity in home design says a lot about an individual, but practicality says more. This example is both. There’s plenty of space on the home kitchen unit to prepare your meats and vegetables or to display your plants. The drawers are the perfect space to store your grilling utensils, spices, sauces, and more. The yellow panel design blends great with the wood patio finish, too.



This example has all of the features of a premium outdoor kitchen, and is great for those who never want to go inside. The full bar and mini fridge is perfect for easy drink access for the host and guests alike. The grill and smoker will let you cook your meats to absolute perfection. Even with all of these features, there is still plenty of open space to socialize. Finally, the 60’s baby blue decor evokes feelings of simpler times.



An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be fully outdoors. This is a great outdoor kitchen example for those looking to revel in the glory of nature without feeling the sun or rain. A simple grill and smoker design, a mini fridge, and plenty of storage space will give you just what you need to live the outdoor cook’s life. And remember, the grill is only a few steps outside.



Imagine an almost enclosed room that still lets you feel the breeze. This outdoor kitchen idea is great for those looking to entertain large groups. The patio keeps the sun out and the room well-lit, even in the dark. The open surface space on the outdoor unit leaves plenty of space for decorations or flowers, and the island table gives your company a place to relax and enjoy the meal. This outdoor kitchen design is great for those who want to utilize their outdoor space throughout most of the year.



The rustic cobblestone feeling of this example will transport your company to an entirely different place. The wood pizza oven is an ideal aesthetic choice, not to mention great if you like pizza. And of course, if you want to take it back to basics, fire up the grill.