Outdoor Fireplace at night

Custom Fire Pits: 4 Things to Consider

An outdoor fire pit will liven up the ambiance of your summer party like nothing else. It will create a friendly, cheerful atmosphere during the day, and a beautiful focal point at night. At Empire Outdoor Living, we understand that the design and layout of your outdoor living space is important to you. Our custom designed fire pits and pre-constructed fire pits will help you complete the outdoor living space of your dreams. But what should you take into consideration when making this decision?

An outdoor fire pit will captivate your guests with a friendly, sophisticated aura. Our design and installation staff is dedicated to helping you fashion your ideal outdoor living space. Contact us for a price quote or to discuss the fire pit options that we can provide.


#1 – Yard Layout

Your outdoor fire pit should be placed in the focal point of your backyard. If you have an outdoor kitchen, consider placing the fire pit in an adjacent area. However, you could also consider placing it in a more remote corner of your yard. Choosing a more discreet spot is better if you intend to use it as an escape from company, rather than to attract a crowd. This is also a good choice for the young adult crowd. However, be sure to keep it away from flammable plants, trees, or other backyard objects.


#2 – Permanent or Portable

More complex and elaborately designed fire pits are built on-site and are permanent, but we sell portable fire pits as well. Portable fire pits are a great decision for those who are uncertain about where to build a permanent fire pit. Starting with a portable fire pit is also a great way to see if a fully installed fire pit is the right choice for your lifestyle. If you do purchase one of our portable fire pits, be sure to place it on a stable surface like a patio– unstable ground could cause the pit to tip and flames to spread.


#3 – Shape and Materials

The material you choose will really dictate the fire pit’s design. We can construct fire pits with stones, pavers, metal, and even more luxurious choices. Our ceramic fountain fire pit option will juxtapose your outdoor fire with serenely flowing water, providing the perfect atmosphere for a night with family and friends. The shape of your fire pit will also influence the way you interact with your guests. A round fire pit will create a more conversation-oriented atmosphere. Square fire pits may be good for small crowds, and rectangular fire pits for larger crowds.


#4 – Fuel Source

While wood emits a sweet, natural aroma and is a welcome sight, other fuel sources can be more convenient. Gas, propane, and other instant-fire options are more conducive to an effortless fire. The less effort you need to invest, the more you’ll be able to relax.