Best of 2017: Indoor Fireplaces from Empire City Long Island

Best of 2017: Indoor Fireplace Installation Options

The last few days on Long Island and across New York have left residents shivering. Fireplaces were originally put in homes to be a primary source of heat. However, in modern day, fireplaces often get the reputation of “decoration only.” While fireplaces are nice to look at and we have moved on to other primary sources of heat, many of our clients have them installed for added comfort and relaxation.

To start, you must decide what type of indoor fireplace is right for your space. Empire City has installed hundreds of fireplaces across homes on Long Island. Whether you are trying to improve your home aesthetic or enhancing heat transfer, we have the right indoor fireplace for you!

Popular Brands:

  • Fireplace Xtrordinair
  • Avalon
  • Montigo
  • Majestic
  • Monessen
  • And More!

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Traditional wood burning hearths is what people think about when they think fireplace. For most people, nothing beats a crackling, roaring fire. They provide warmth and ambiance like no other. Fortunately enough, there has been many modern advances to the traditional wood burning fireplace.

Porcelain Fireplace Insert

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Empire City offers various options of the classic wood fireplace. Depending on your space, choose from single sided or multi-view. We can custom design your fireplace to combine a traditional feel with the best options of 2017. Open fireplaces provide ambiance and romance to any room.

Enclosed fireplaces will come with doors and facades in order to protect family and pets from flames and the messy fire residue. Although this doesn’t have as classic a look as the open hearth, the wood burning enclosed fireplace still offers a traditional aesthetic.

Fireplace inserts are a good option if you are looking to give an existing masonry fireplace a facelift. They are usually cheaper and easier to install of all the wood burning fireplace options.

Wood burning stoves will enhance your space with warmth and atmosphere. Although these remove the need for installing a fireplace, you will still need a pipe to vent smoke through a chimney to the outside.


Gas Burning Fireplaces

Wood is a nice touch, but you can’t beat the ease of starting your fire with a push of a button. Gas burning fireplaces offer heat, without the need to tend to a fire or the messy cleanup. Seamlessly blend your decor with a wood burning fireplace from Empire City, and you won’t have to worry about hauling in wood!

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Gas fireplace insert

Gas inserts are a simple and efficient way to heat your space while eliminating the mess of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Fitting into an existing fireplace installation, gas-fueled inserts are an excellent option for a modern 2017 fireplace upgrade.

In addition, wood fireplaces with traditional chimneys tend to be drafty. With a gas insert, this is a thing of the past! You can update your inefficient masonry with one of our top gas fireplace inserts. Enjoy your fireplace even during power outages.

Multi-view Gas Fireplace

Multi-view gas fireplaces are best suited on the end of a dividing wall or in the middle of a wall with a view on the other side. These are a hot new trend for 2017, and we can help you to design and then install the perfect multi-view gas fireplace.

The multi-view or see-through fireplace is an excellent addition to your home that will help unify your space. These sleek gas fireplaces don’t require bulky chimneys or any messy clean up. Versatility and sophistication is what this style has to offer our clients!

Linear Gas Fireplace

Linear fireplaces are mostly found set into walls and higher up than other fireplace installations. These are highly contemporary designs that have a long, ribbon-like flame stretching across.

This is another energy efficient option for a brand new fireplace. Also, the full-view style adds a “wow” factor to your home. Linear gas fireplaces offer modern design style and a clean look. If you are looking for a contemporary 2017 style, with a minimal flame and maximum impact, this design is a perfect fit.


Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are the most cost effective out of all these options. In addition, electric fireplaces are very easy to install. Most modern electric fireplaces come with remote control heaters as well as varieties of flame effects.

Blue flame Electric Fireplace

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No need to bother with the mess and expense of wood with an electric fireplace insert. If you are tired of scooping out ashes and tending to a fire, have a electric fireplace insert installed.

Media consoles are something that just about everyone has in their home. Why not use one that creates heat and ambiance? Modern electric fireplace media consoles are a great option when space and budget are a factor.

Don’t have an existing fireplace or space to create one? Choose a compact electric stove, so you can experience the comfort and enjoyment of fire. We supply s full selection of electric fireplace units.


Choose Empire City

Here at empire City of Long Island, we will help you pick the perfect indoor fireplace. We carry top brands at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to get started! Get a free quote today.